keep going

Nobody wants a negative person but I think they are the ones that needed more understanding and support. I know because I’ve been there or I’m still are. A few moments ago, I tried cutting myself. I just got lucky because mapurol yung knife haha ang epic di ba? I was serious in doing it I just don’t know why it didn’t work maybe a part of me was scared too.

Why did I come to that? I guess my emotions and problems got over me that the only way to stop what I feel inside is to die, to be gone and burst out of nowhere. It’s when I feel useless and nothing that those kind of actions come into my mind. Yeah, what an act of selfishness and lack of self-love but you can’t blame me for feeling this way. All of us (or not I just assumed it) felt this way at least once. But here’s a piece of advice (ang ironic coming from someone who just tried to kill herself haha) DONT GIVE UP ON YOURSELF. No matter how much you hated yourself right now, things will get brighter and someday. God is always there for you, anywhere and all the time. So when you’re feeling down and lost just call him.

[ u n k n o w n d a t e ]


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