Hey, you!

First love never dies but its a kind of love that never grows

That smile of yours is what I miss the most

When we talk, my mind go slow-mo’s

My thoughts of you consist of why’s and oh’s

Of why arent we together, oopss

That was just a joke

Its been a long time since the last time we talked, you’re single, i hope 

And that was just another hoax 

Excuse my sense of humor

Im just like that to the people i adore

I still find you cute

But i should keep my voice on mute

Because the words i might shoot

Wont mean anything to you
I guess we’re just meant to have this kind of ship, a friendship, I supposed. 

Anyway, arent we lucky to have each other?

We’re maybe just meant to be as friends but at least we have something that never ends. 

_ _

Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end. 

Isnt it great to have that kind of story with someone? But how awesome it would be if my tale to be with my worth-the-trouble guy comes around next?

Cant wait! Nothing worth having comes easy. I trust the Author of my story. 

Thank you Lord for all these realizations 😊

To you who’s reading (if there is) its my first time to post something like this. Any criticism (grammars or anything) please tell me that would be a great help. Thank you! 😁


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