I still cant find a reason to celebrate this day. I even started crying first minute pa lang. Well, if you’d ask me why its because i have so much things to do and celebrating that this is my day doesnt go on top of my list. 

First, this day reminded me that i should have finished conducting my thesis but im only a half way through. 

Second, that home-wrecker bitch poke me right before my birthday. She really knows how to choose the dates eh? Because of that all the things that happened before new year came flashing through. Nice no? Konti na lang papatulan na kita. 

Third, i jusr feel like i dont. What’s    good about this day when its just a day. Special? I dont feel like it. 

Im not this kind of person naman.. ngaun lang ako ganito. I mean whats so good about birthdays? Before, i used to mark this day as a something special like a time to change and so forth. But now, wala, i feel so stress that i rather think that today is just a day. 

But i hope i could still change this. Mahaba pa naman yung oras e


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